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Property You May Keep

The following list includes property which cannot be taken away from you due to a bankruptcy filed in Oregon IF you have resided here for 730 days or more before filing. Please call me if you need to find the exemptions for some other state because you moved here more recently. Homestead real estate occupied by debtor or dependents (exemption applies to proceeds of sale of homestead for 1 year and applies to condominium units and mobile homes) Equity limits: $50,000 for 2 or more debtors, $40,000 for single debtors

Property exempt under federal law other than 11 USC § 522(d)

THIS IS ONLY HALF THE STORY! Since July, 2013, Oregon residents have the right to keep the property on the federal list instead of the property on the foregoing Oregon list. Now you can keep the Property exempt under federal law regardless of whether it is listed in 11 USC § 522(d). As you can see below, the big advantage is that if you're a homeowner and don't use up all your $22,975 per person homestead exemption with your home equity, you can apply the unused portion to other property worth less than $1,225 per item that you want to keep. If you need this spillover feature to keep from losing property in bankruptcy or having to pay the trustee in order to keep it, here's the federal ALTERNATE LIST OF EXEMPTIONS: