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What I Can Do For You

Is some loan company about to repossess your car, or sell your home and evict you? Has some credit card company sued you, and seized your bank account or 25% of your paycheck? Has your income dropped so much that you can’t afford to make house or car payments? Have you tried Consumer Credit Counseling or some other debt consolidator, but they couldn’t solve your problem? I’m Louis Dvorak, and I have practiced bankruptcy law in Bend, Oregon for 30 years. Over that time, I have gotten over 3,000 clients free of their consumer debts. After bankruptcy, you don’t have to spend your family’s food, clothing and utility money to pay 20 or 30 percent interest to loan companies. I can get you court orders that make the lenders accept reduced payments so that you can keep your cars or home.

If you’re enslaved by debt, I can set you free for $995. This price includes court fees, and applies to consumer Chapter 7 'no asset' cases, where you file alone OR jointly with a spouse. Just call (541) 382 0195.

$10 is worth more to someone unemployed than $1 million is to a movie star, and lenders take advantage of it. The United States government even gives bankruptcy relief to illegal aliens, because when people are desperate for something they need, in effect, they will enslave themselves to high interest lenders.

Our legislature's poverty tolerance, a relic of the early industrial period, is reflected in how little they let you keep in bankruptcy. (The list is shown under the 'Property you may keep' button.)

To overcome this, you need a good lawyer if you file bankruptcy in Oregon. I have had the privilege of doing over 2,500 cases over the last 25 years, and have quite a few repeat clients. I prepare all your paperwork, give you all the phone or office advice you want, and personally go with you to your meeting with the creditors. At the meeting, I protect you from unlawful or unfair questioning by the bankruptcy trustee and creditors who attend.

All you have to do is fill in worksheets, and a debt form for each creditor, attaching the latest bill to its related debt form. I'll mail you the worksheets if you tell me your address and telephone number. Alternatively, you can download or print out the worksheets by clicking on the Bankruptcy Worksheets button. I am the only one who sees your worksheets.

Get them back to my office with $1000. This will cover my fees as well as the $281 for Chapter 13, $306 for Chapter 7 fee that the court charges for filing the case. There are extra $100 charges for businesses, and for cases with more than 25 creditors. You also will have to pay about $50 to a non-profit debt counseling agency for a debt management course that you can take over the phone or interenet. I recommend Access Counseling at (800) 205-9297. I usually get your papers ready in about a week, but I can do it sooner if you have an emergency. I'll answer or return your creditors' phone calls after you pay me. A real person answers my phone 24/7. I e-file your case with the bankruptcy court when you return the papers that I prepare for you. Then, it instantly becomes illegal for creditors to phone, write or sue you. If you haven't been discharged in a prior Chapter 7 bankruptcy during the last 8 years, this illegality continues forever if you are discharged at the end of the case. I've only had one client in 25 years who was not discharged. He transferred his Mercedes to his golfing buddy just before filing and didn't disclose it to the trustee.

You don't have to become an expert on the subject. I'll take care of that for you. If you need about everything you make for living expenses, you CAN escape the routine of having your money spent before you get it. Pay your bills on time for two years, and you can regain relatively normal credit.

About Bankruptcy

You are not alone if you have the feeling that you need to file a Bankruptcy. There were 2.8 million cases filed in the USA in 2005, up 30% from the prior year. Until the new anti-consumer law took effect 10/17/05 there were about 150 new cases every month in Bend, and about 28,000 every year statewide. Most filers don't have health insurance or get adequate medical care. Since 1989, Oregon's population has increased 16%, and state spending on police and prisons has gone up by 154%. The Oregonian reports that we have nearly the highest rate of unemployment and the worst child malnutrition. Per capita, Oregon has the most people living off the Salvation Army and other faith-based charities because they can't get welfare.

As you can see from What You May Keep, our legislature's poverty tolerance, a relic from the early industrial period, is reflected in how little they let you keep in bankruptcy. To deal with this, it helps to have an experienced lawyer if you file bankruptcy in Oregon. I have handled over 2,500 cases in Bend during the last 25 years, and have quite a few repeat clients.