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Bankruptcy Ideas For You.


Make sure your credit is in order.

Check your credit reports, preferably from all three bureaus, before filing for bankruptcy. It’s a good idea to go over your credit report and make sure that all of your creditors have been listed correctly.

Complete accounting of assets.

Your lawyer is the only person users need to be completely honest with about your financial situation, no matter how difficult it is for you to do so. Be honest about your monthly income & expenses. Avoid hiding any assets as well!

Accustomed to budgeting money.

Following bankruptcy, visitors may find yourself back in same financial predicament if you don’t make any changes to your spending habits. It is not too early to learn how to live within your means without the aid of credit cards.

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Louis B. Dvorak

I’ve helped over 3,000 clients in Bend, Oregon over the last 30 years. I’ve been doing an average of 68 bankruptcy cases annually during the last 10 years. I have been the Legal Counsel for Deschutes County, practiced in San Francisco, and served as a legal officer and company commander in the Army. I received a doctorate from UCLA Law School in 1969.

Some Important Advices For The Bankruptcy .

If you’re struggling to make ends meet because of overwhelming debt, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy. And while Chapter 7 debts are often straightforward, there are ways to make them as easy as possible. When you’re ready to begin the process of regaining control of your financial situation, consult with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Keep these pointers in mind before, during, and then after you file for bankruptcy to make the process as smooth as possible!

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After filing for bankruptcy, what can you expect from the rest of your life?

It’s possible to get back on your feet financially after bankruptcy, despite the hardships you’ll face, including managing your cash flow and establishing good credit as well as rebuilding your financial profile.

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Saving Money
Build Budget
Good Credit
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